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Almost Another Massacre in Jenin

Jenin, September 11th

In the early morning hours one of the biggest Israeli invasions since weeks occurred in the refugee camp of Jenin. It was also close to becoming one of the biggest massacres.

At around 7:30am this morning, nine Palestinian boys were injured by Israeli gunfire in the refugee camp of Jenin.

Locals reported that at approximately 3am numerous IOF jeeps entered the camp, coming from several directions. While the governorate officially confirmed the presence of at least 11 Israeli military vehicles, many eyewitnesses reported more then thirty.

The army besieged the house of a local male in the east of the camp, causing resistance by Palestinian freedom fighters. Several explosions could be heard during the night. While some locals reported that they were caused by grenades thrown by Islamic Jihad at Israeli soldiers, others reported that the army caused the explosions themselves.

While during these clashes no casualties could be reported, Israeli soldiers almost created a massacre among local schoolchildren. Between 7:15 and 7:30am dozens of young kids left their houses for school. When some of them started to throw bottles and stones at the IOF jeeps, soldiers began randomly shooting at the children without giving any warning.

9 young boys aged between 13 and 16 were left wounded. Some of them were hit by live bullets in legs and torso. They were brought to hospitals in Jenin and Nablus. At the time being it’s still uncertain if one of the boys, who received a shot into his stomach, is going to survive.

Potentially coinciding with this invasion the IOF conducted several other actions during this night in Jenin area.

Security sources reported that from 9pm to 4am the IOF entered numerous Palestinian villages, like Al-Araqa and Maithalun. At 9pm IOF jeeps were also seen blocking Haifa road in the northwest of Jenin, as well as Nablus road later that evening. Furthermore a number of flying checkpoints were placed around Jenin during the night. Witnesses reported that soldiers were searching cars with the help of dogs. Checkpoints were placed at Arraba, Hadad, Kafr Ra’i and al-Jarba.

Meanwhile a Palestinian child from Jenin died of injuries he received, when last Thursday an Israeli soldier shot a rubber coated steel bullet into his head