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Action Alert! Non-Violent Demonstration in Qusin on Friday despite previous Army repression


September 21, 2007

The villages around Nablus have recently seen a rise in demonstrations against roadblocks. In Sarra, and now in Qusin, people are standing up to the bars and cages the Israeli army has erected around the villages. It has not been easy: people have been arrested, gassed, and shot.

Despite this, the villagers of Qusin refuse to give in to this assault on non-violent protest. Villagers from Qusin along with Israeli and international activists will meet at the village mosque, in Qusin, before 12 noon. They will leave after the noon prayer and demonstrate at the site of the roadblock. Also, following a recent victory in their own battle in the Israeli High Court, the Popular Committe Against the Wall in Bil’in and other Palestinian activists from that village will join the Qusin struggle this week.

The roadblock in Qusin turns a simple five minute trip to Nablus into nearly an hour’s journey. This situation is mirrored in the villages around.

Following demonstrations in the nearby village of Sarra the military has invaded, shooting at water tanks and shop fronts, entering houses and harassing the people inside, including stealing their possessions.

The Israeli army has also responded to the non-violent demonstrations with extreme levels of violence and repression. Last Saturday, the 15th of September, five Israelis, six internationals, and two Palestinians were taken prisoner after a non-violent demonstration against the roadblock in the village. Five Palestinians and two internationals were injured from the soldier’s brutality. One of the internationals had the end of her finger shattered from a rubber bullet.

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