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Hebron: Action to Access Lands

On Friday 3rd August, Human Rights activists will accompany the members of a local Palestinian family to access their land close to the Illegal Kiryat Arba Settlement in Hebron. On all previous occassions where the family has attempted to access their land, Settlers have acted with undue aggression attacking both Palestinians and Human Rights Workers who have been present. The most recent of which culminated in two Human Rights Workers being repeatedly hit in the face with a stick causing both distress and injury.

The aggression and violance on these occassions are typical and reflect the ongoing struggle Palestinians must face in their day to day lives and the determination of Settlers in their attempt to forcibly remove Palestinians from their land and homes through campaigns of violance and harrasment. We hope that our presence as international, Palestinians and Israeli activists will reduce the violance and enable the Palestinian family to tend to their land without being attacked.

We invite you to join us in accompanying this family to their land in both solidarity and protection. We will be gathering in Hebron, close to Kyriat Arba along Worshippers Way at 17:30. The action is expected to last 2 hours.

For more information, please contact Fawaz on 054 6533157

We look forward to seeing you there.

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