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Army Invades Jenin and Surrounding Villages

At approximately 1 am, the IOF, entered the city of Jenin from Haifa Street. About ten military jeeps and at least one Caterpillar bulldozer entered the market area of Jenin city, as well as the center of Jenin Refugee Camp. They stayed for about three and a half hours, shooting at several houses inside the camp as well as throwing numerous sound bombs. Some Palestinian fighters from Islamic Jihad responded to the attack by shooting in the direction of the Israeli army. Fortunately none of the people living inside Jenin city and camp were killed, arrested or injured.

The Israeli army entered several Palestinian villages in the area during the night and early morning hours.
At 8 pm, five Israeli jeeps and a car with Israeli special forces were seen entering the village of Taain. None of the villagers could report about what they were doing there.

At around midnight, fifteen jeeps coming from checkpoint Salem entered the area around the village of Kufr Dan and stayed there for several hours. Between 1 and 5 am several IOF cars were also seen in the villages of Ash Shuhada and Jamoun. According to locals, no incidents were caused by the army there.

At 8 pm an Israeli army patrol entered a Palestinian house in the town of Misiliya. Until now it’s not clear if the army caused any damage to the house or injuries to the people living there.

In the early morning hours a new checkpoint was established at the entrance of Zababida. People coming from there reported about dozens of cars waiting. At least during the morning hours all passing cars were searched carefully, as were all males passing the checkpoint.