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Tel Rumeida: harrasment by Settlers Directed at Children

By the ISM Media Team

June 18th, 2007- Sunday

Two Palestinian brothers had been playing football in a small field located next door to their house in Tel Rumeida, when two adult male Settlers approached them aggresively. In fear, the two brothers ran and hid for their safety fearing that they would be attacked by the Settlers. In running away the boys had left behind their football, which the Settlers took. From where the boys were hiding, they could see the Settlers take a knife out and stab it into the football destroying the football and wrecking the children’s game. This display of aggression and harrassment against children demonstrates the constant battle the Palestinians have to face in wishing to live in peace. Harrassment and intimidation is directed at all members of community and there is little regard for the fact that they are directing their intimidation at defenseless children who should be protected from the conflict and are not party to it.