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Tel Rumeida: Naked Soldiers

By the ISM Media Team

As Human Rights Workers undertake patrols through the Olive Groves of Tel Rumeida, it is common to see Settlers bathing at the Ibrahimi Well, which the Settlers consider a religious location. The well is located within the Olive Groves next door to a Palestinian home and is also beside a frequently used path that Palestinians, both men and women, pass through. On June the 23rd however, a hot Shabbat day, a group of three HRWs passed by the Ibrahimi Well to find a number of on and off duty soldiers bathing at the well. This wouldn’t be an issue, however some of the soldiers were completely naked in full view of Palestinian homes whilst changing into their swimming shorts. There was absolute disregard by the Soldiers for Muslim culture or to have any sense of modesty in a culturally sensitive location and environment.