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Demonstration Against the Apartheid Road System

Villagers from villages west of Ramallah, together with international and Israeli peace activists will attempt to remove the roadblocks that prevent them from accessing road 455 that is reserved for the Israeli settlers use only. The demonstration will leave from the Ras Karkar Junction in Deir Ibzi at 9:30 AM on Thursday May 3 and march towards the settler only road.

Israel is working on the creation of16 tunnels which would create an ‘apartheid’ road network for Palestinians in the West Bank. Many existing main roads are reserved for settlers and Israelis, linking settlements to each other and to Israel. This forces Palestinians into circuitous travelling routes.

For a map of the existing Apartheid road system in the West Bank, click HERE.

For more information contact the head of the Ras Karkar village council Rezik Nofal 0599-258358