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Homes Rebuilt by Peace Activist Demolished Today

This morning Israeli Forces accompanied bulldozers to the Home of the Abu Kabatya Family near Um Nazel which was rebuilt with donations collected by peace activists. They demolished the families’ home and then proceeded to the land of farmer Ali Rabia near At-Twani and uprooted fifty olive trees, fifteen almond trees and destroyed a water well. From there they continued to Qawawis and destroyed six homes including all the homes recently rebuilt by ISM and a coalition of Israeli groups.

The shepherds and farmers of the south Hebron hills are not granted building permits to build on their own lands by the Israeli occupation authorities. Anything they build without a permit is promptly demolished. At the same time they are surrounded by what Israel calls “illegal outposts”, who do not receive demolition orders, and instead are immediately hooked up to electricity water and roads that are barred to Palestinians, and provided with a constant military presence.

For more information contact:
Yehiel (Hebrew and English): 050-2110639
Mr. Abu Kabatya: 0505318204
Yousef Qawawis (Arabic): 052-2042797

Pictures available upon request.