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Art Under Apartheid in Tel Rumeida

ISM Freedom Summer 2007 invites you to teach creative workshops with Art Under Apartheid in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron.

Art Under Apartheid workshops were started as a result of the international boycott of aid to the Hamas government and the resulting strike of Palestinian public sector workers including public school teachers in the fall of 2006. Palestinian children in Tel Rumeida already had to deal with enough problems from soldier and settler violence, having no school was just not fair. We want to continue to provide the children of Tel Rumeida with fun and creative distractions from the violence on the street.

You are welcome to do activism work with ISM or any other organization while also teaching the workshops for the kids.

Facts of life for Tel Rumeida Palestinians:

  • Palestinians are not allowed to drive any type of cars into the neighborhood (busses, taxis, ambulances, fire trucks) because the Israeli military has declared this a threat to the Israeli settlers
  • Palestinians are not allowed to have weapons of any kind (their Israeli settler civilian neighbors are allowed to carry guns)
  • Palestinians are subjected to random detentions and ID checks (Israeli settlers are not)
  • Israeli soldiers frequently invade Palestinian homes or use their roofs as outposts
  • the security forces in the neighborhood are Israeli only and ignore complaints by Palestinians

Some activities that the children would enjoy include art, crafts, dance, theater, circus, English lessons, or any other fun and creative activities you can come up with. The sky is the limit ! Please visit the website for more information: www.artunderapartheid.ps