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This Saturday, Accompaniment in the South Hebron Hills


5 April 2007

This Saturday, Palestinian, Israeli, and international solidarity activists will accompany farmers of the South Hebron Hills to their land. Two villages near at-Tuwani are feeling the effects of illegal Israeli outposts, and the colonizers within them. These colonists, who have been occupying the area for 4 years, often attack shepherds and farmers as they tend to their land.

Hafez, a resident of at-Tuwani, said, “We are calling on Israelis and internationals to support our non-violent actions in the hills of south Hebron, to show to the world that we will resist the theft of our land.” Hafez said that he expects that the colonists will return again on Saturday. Recently, he said, the Israeli colonists coordinated with Israeli soldiers in order to arrest one of the shepherds from the village.

The Palestinians from south Hebron are hoping for a large amount of activists to ward of the colonists. Hafez recalled a January accompaniment success story when a solidarity delegation to the South Hebron Hills was approached by colonists from the nearby notorious Susya settlement. The colonists withdrew when they became aware of the size of the over 400-strong group, comprised of Israelis, internationals and Palestinians.

Palestinians and solidarity activists are scheduled to meet at 10AM in At-Tuwani.

For more information, contact:
Hafez, 0544-613-449
ISM Media Office, 0599-943-157

For those coming from Jerusalem, email: yehudaagus@gmail.com