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APPEAL: Help South Hebron Villagers Stay on their Land

On Wednesday 14th February Israeli Occupation Forces demolished a large number of houses and agricultural structures in four different villages in the South Hebron Hills – Qwawis, M’nezel, Um-Elhe’r and the Abu-Kbeita family near Yatir settlement. The villagers in this area struggle to stay on their land despite ongoing home demolitions, violent attacks and constant settler and military harassment. Please donate what you can to help them remain on the land they have farmed for generations.

Illegal Israeli settlements and outposts (illegal even according to Israeli law) whose residents have stolen most of the area’s agricultural land, have tried for years to drive the local Palestinian
villagers off their land. Unlike the homes of Palestinians, the illegal outposts are not demolished. Instead, they receive electricity and water supplies, paved roads and subsidies for their agricultural enterprises. The Palestinians rely on water from wells, a few hours of electricity a day from a generator, and an ever decreasing patch of land on which to grow crops and graze their livestock. Despite these hardships the indigenous people refuse to surrender to the state-sponsored land grab, aware that they otherwise face eviction into walled ghettos.

With your help, ISM, and Israeli peace groups, Ta’ayush,Gush Shalom, The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Women’s Coalition for a Just Peace,Ta’ayush, ISM, Rabbis for Human Rights, The Israeli Committee against house demolitions, Gush-Shalom ,Coalition of Women for Peace, Machsom Watch, Yesh-Gvul, and Rabbis for Human Rights, are working to rebuild the houses and structures as soon as possible. Rebuilding will start over two days in March. Villagers have requested that internationals maintain a permanent presence in the area after the rebuilding to offer protection from settler violence.

It is estimated that around $36,000 will be needed to rebuild all these houses and structures. The costs below are for the materials and transportation of them to the different locations. The costs include: cement, blocks, stone, sand, concrete and roofs.

Um al Kheir 1 concrete house – NIS 37,000
5 other houses – NIS 62,000
Qawawis 7 houses and 1 agricultural structure – NIS 14,800
Imneizil 1 house and 1 agricultural structure – NIS 9,800
Abu Kbeita Family 2 houses and a tent – NIS 6,700
Lawyer’s fees NIS 21,000
Total NIS 151,300 ($36024)

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