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Rally Against Settler Violence and Road Closure in Hebron


On Thursday 25th January residents of Hebron will gather at the main checkpoint into Tel Rumeida at 2pm to demonstrate against settler violence and the closure of Shuhada Street to Palestinians.

Speakers, including Palestinian Legislative Council members Hatem Qafish (Hamas) and Dr.Saher Qawasmeh (Fateh), will condemn the continuing settler violence towards Palestinians in the Tel Rumeida district of Hebron, which has forced most of the residents of Tel Rumeida to move out and those remaining to suffer daily harrassment from settlers and the IDF.

Local residents will speak about these difficulties, as well as the closure of Shuhada Street, which cuts through the centre of Hebron. Shuhada Street has been closed to Palestinians for six years, although the Israeli High Court recently ruled that this had been a ‘mistake’ and Palestinians had the right of access. Despite this ruling the Israeli authorities continue to deny passage to Palestinians along Shuhada Street. The residents of Hebron and Tel Rumeida demand the right to access freely all parts of their city.

International human rights groups working in Tel Rumeida will attend the rally. Mary Baxter, an Australian human rights worker, who has lived and worked in Tel Rumeida for over a year, will speak about the work of international volunteers and the harrassment they have faced from the Israeli authorities.