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Tel Rumeida resident walks home along street…twice

by ISM Hebron, January 17th

Yesterday Hani Abu Haikel walked up Tel-Rumeida st. to his home for the first time in over a year, accompanied by Israeli media. His family’s access to Tel-Rumeida st., which is the main route to his home, has been severely restricted for over three years. During the course of the past six years, settlers from the Jewish-only colony directly across from his home have attacked him and his family using a variety of methods, including violent guard dogs, aggressive physical attacks (punching and kicking) and stone throwing. In June last year the IOF declared the street leading to his home a Closed Military Zone for Palestinians but not for the settler-colonists. This meant Hani and his family had to use a dirt path leading to the back of their home.

The continued media pressure caused by Palestinians, the ISM, other international human rights organizations, and Israeli activists has finally forced the IOF to allow Hani to start using Tel-Rumeida st. once again. His ability to continue to use this road in the future is tentative at best, though a second trip up the street accompanied only by a single Israeli activist was successful.