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Balata Invasion Fails to Dampen Festive Cheer

AP photo

by ISM Nablus

At dawn on September 27th Occupation forces invaded Balata camp with jeeps and an armoured bulldozer with support from Apache helicopters hovering overhead. Military vehicles heading for Balata from many directions were reported. A curfew lasting several hours was imposed on the area and 21 year old Ala’ Mohammad Zaid Shraiah, 17 year old Jihad Yousef Zuqan and 17 year old Abd-Allah Qatawi were arrested.

As in a previous invasion 3 weeks ago the armoured bulldozer plowed through the narrow main street of the camp destroying shop fronts and concrete paving. Children were later seen improvising chairs and see-saws out of the mangled plastic facades whilst reconstruction work was going on. A falafel stand owner, Jamal, didn’t let the invasion dampen his festive Ramadan spirit: “We hardly notice the attacks as they happen so often and we won’t let them spoil Ramadan”.

AP photo