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Shabbat “Party” in Tel Rumeida

ISM Hebron

Click here to watch video of some of these events. Click here to download the same video.

2:48pm: Three settler boys around age 13 began behaving physically threatening towards a Palestinian girl of the same age as she was trying to enter her home on Shuhada Street, just across from Beit Hadassah. Human rights workers (HRWs) on Shuhada Street moved to accompany her to her house and the settler boys started throwing rocks at them. The soldier on duty had his back turned and ignored the situation even though HRWs asked him to intervene. Only after an Israeli HRW spoke to him in Hebrew, did he begin to pay attention to the situation. The soldier said the HRWs were provoking the settler kids by standing there. Another HRW called the police who came promptly and remained in front of Beit Hadassah for approximately half an hour.

3.30pm: Two HRWs were at the crossroads looking towards the Tel Rumeida settlement. Three settler boys, aged about ten, were throwing rocks towards a Palestinian house nearby. The HRWs called to the soldiers at the crossroad to come. One of the soldiers yelled at the boys until they stopped.

4.15pm: The same boys came out of the settlement with other girls and boys. They moved down the road towards the crossroad. Three boys went into the entryway of the Palestinian house and threw rocks at the front door. Others threw rocks down the road towards the soldiers who were responding to the HRW’s call. Both soldiers sent the settler children back to the settlement.

5.00pm: Abu Samir, Samir, Rafa and Mohammad Abu Aeshah were returning to their house opposite the Tel Rumeida settlement. Two settler boys came out and threw rocks at them. Video of this is available. An Israeli army officer has told a HRW that the soldiers are positioned to help in case of a settler attack against this family. This does not appear to be the case. No soldiers came. It is less than a week since the Abu Aeshah family were attacked in this way. The officer’s assurance does not seem to be worth much.