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Saturday: Demonstration Against the Inner Barrier in South Mt. Hebron


The people of South Mt. Hebron are calling for participation in a joint Palestinian-Israeli-International non-violent direct action against the “inner barrier” at 9am in the village of Umnazil this Saturday, 24th June.

This is the third non-violent demonstration in the area in the last month. The “inner barrier” built along road 317 in south Mt. Hebron is a secondary barrier that is constructed in addition to the annexation barrier. It is acting as a circumvention to a Supreme Court decision that forbade the construction of the annexation barrier along this road. As a result of this additional obstacle, the inhabitants of the area south of the road will be imprisoned between two fences and completely isolated from their main city, Yata and the nearby villages Twani, Sosia and Qwawwis, on which they depend for their living. The “inner barrier” also separates farmers on both its sides from their lands and grazing grounds.

The local Palestinian people say that this “inner barrier” is a policy to take over their land by forcing families on the other side to leave their homes since they will be cut off from all supplies.

The alleged “security” reasons for the construction of this barrier
Were openly challenged by military experts who claim it would increase risks rather than diminish them.

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