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Hebron Settlers Attack Palestinian and His Donkey Near Soldiers

by ISM Hebron

On Monday, June 19th 2006 at 7:00 pm, twenty Israeli settlers stoned a thirty year old Palestinian man named Talab Jabber. Jabber lives in the Old City near the Abraham mosque. He has five children, four daughters and one son.

Jabber was cleaning an old room and collecting some metal near the pool street behind al-Ibraheemiah School, when the settlers came to him from Abraham Avieeno Settlement and asked him to bay like his donkey. He responded to the settlers that he does not do this. Suddenly the settlers stoned him; they injured his face with rocks. The settlers also attacked Jaber’s donkey.

All of this happened in front of a checkpoint manned by Israeli soldiers who were less than twenty meters away from the attack area. The settlers escaped when they saw him bleeding. After that he went to the soldiers and asked them for help. Fortunately, they called the Army ambulance, which gave him first aid and then called the Palestinian ambulance which took him through the checkpoint to Hebron Hospital.

After he was at the hospital, Israeli police called him to go the police station to make a complaint against the settlers. In spite of the inconvenience for him, Jabber went. Jabber said that he had been attacked two times before but no one followed up on his complaints to the Israeli police. Also he said “the settlers do whatever they want; there are no rules to stop them from attacking and harassing the Palestinians.” He added that his wife and family members are living in a miserable situation because of the settlers and some soldiers. He said that he wants to live with justice and in peace, with freedom to go to his work, his home and the mosque. “We are not terrorists. We are victims of the Occupation; the settlers are the terrorists.”