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ICAHD: Don’t say, “We Didn’t Know”#7

Settler Grafiti on the streets of Hebron

It happens almost every day in Hebron. Human Rights Workers (HRWs) from different countries come to do what the Israeli security forces refuse to do. They provide security in a nonviolent manner for Palestinian schoolchildren on their way to school and back. They attempt to protect them from attacks by settler children and teenagers.

For example, on the 27th May 2006 it was reported that “youngsters from the settlement in Tel Rumeida spat on, hit and threw stones at HRWs from Canada, Denmark and Sweden on three separate occasions, as the HRWs were accompanying Palestinian children.

Adult settlers encouraged the youngsters in their criminal acts. Soldiers and policemen who were present at these events refused to intervene to stop the violence on the part of the settlers.

On Saturdays, the attacks are the heaviest, and a number of HRWs have been injured and sent to hospital as a result of the attacks by young settlers.