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Tomorrow: Solidarity Meeting Against Land Confiscation in Asira, Nablus


At 1:30pm tomorrow (Wednesday the 24th of May) the people of Asira, near Nablus, will be joined by Israeli and international supporters in holding a meeting in solidarity with the owners of land that the Israeli military is about to confiscate. The aim of the meeting is to ask for an official military order for the confiscation, which they will use in a lawsuit they intend to bring against the military. Legal representatives, human rights workers and other members of Palestinian civil society will attend the meeting.

On the 22nd of May, Israeli soldiers issued an order declaring their intention to confiscate 120 dunams of village land for expansion of the Sabatash checkpoint and military base. Three Palestinian families currently live on the land that will be confiscated. They will be facing potential displacement if the confiscation succeeds.

The land confiscated includes strategically important electricity power lines that come from Nablus over which all the electricity for village is supplied. The order also decreed that at least 70 additional dunams of the land of Asira will come under Israeli military control.

Asira municipality is intending to file a lawsuit against the military in Israeli courts. The Jerusalem Centre for Human Rights will be assisting in this case.

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