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ICAHD: “Don’t Say ‘We Didn’t Know’ “

From The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

On 1st April 2006 Nasser, together with around ten other Palestinians tried to enter Israel through the Oranit checkpoint in order to look for work. A army ambush discovered them and opened fire. Nasser was injured in his leg and fell down. Soldiers approached him and began to kick his body all over for a long time. One of the soldiers hit the back of his neck with the butt of his gun. The soldiers found Nasser’s ID card and ripped it to pieces. For about two hours the soldiers did not call for help – other injured friends were taking immediately to hospital in Ramallah. Nasser lost a lot of blood and when he arrived at Beilinson hospital [in Israel], he immediately received a blood transfusion (4 liters [around 9 pints]), including an injection directly to his heart.

After around three weeks in Beilinson, he returned to consciousness. Doctors then told him that they had to amputate his leg.