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Tel Rumeida Press Conference in Jerusalem

Tel Rumeida International Human Rights Workers:
“Our lives are in danger.”

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 11:00 AM
Alternative Information Center Office, Queen Shlomzion 4, Jerusalem

In Tel Rumeida, Hebron, settlers are executing planned, violent attacks with alarming frequency. In the past month alone, two human rights workers required stitches to their heads after being stoned, and another suffered a mild concussion.

One recent example from April 22, 2006: Settlers were overheard saying that they needed more people to get “those sons of bitches,” and that they would confer with Baruch Marzel, founder of the Tel Rumeida settlement and head of the Jewish National Front. An attack by 30 settlers on a Palestinian owned store took place later that day. Two female human rights workers and a soldier were also assaulted during the attack. No settlers were detained or arrested.

Press Conference will include:

-Video footage of violent attacks by settlers in Tel Rumeida in the past 6 month

-Testimonies from human rights workers who were attacked by settlers

-An open letter to the Israeli Military and Police demanding immediate action to investigate, arrest and prosecute violent settlers in Tel Rumeida

Organizations represented include Tel Rumeida Project, International Solidarity Movement, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Sons of Abraham, Yesh Din, Rabbis for Human Rights.

For more information call:
Luna, Tel Rumeida Project 054 557 3154
Yossi, Alternative Information Center 054-7705048