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After Multiple Court Appearances, Interrogations and a Heart Attack, Mohammed Mansour’s Trial Continues.


When: Wednesday March 8th (tomorrow), 1pm.
Where: Peace Court in the Russian Compound. Jerusalem. (Judge Ron Alexander)

Mohammed Mansour, a Palestinian organiser in the non-violent resistance again faces court in Jerusalem. He was falsely charged with assaulting a police officer, throwing stones, and encouraging others to do likewise. He has also been charged with involvement in “illegal demonstrations.”

Tomorrow Mohammad has another “final hearing.” Already Mohammed has been called to court 10 times in the last 1 year and 8 months. Yet despite Mohammed repeatedly appearing in court, the trial is always postponed. The last scheduled court appearance was on February 15 where they moved the appearance back to the 21st of March, the judge has since forwarded the hearing until tomorrow.

The last time Mohammed went before the court, he was detained on his return trip before being “invited” to a couple of interrogations with Israeli Intelligence. Mohammed had already been asked to attend a meeting with Israeli Intelligence before, when he failed to show they arrived at his house and threatened to arrest his father, forcing him to attend the interview.

Mohammed, father of five, has been offered increasingly better deals from the prosecution. The last offer from Judge Alexander was to let him go if he paid the sum of his bail. In refusing to pay, Mohammed said: “I am not guilty and if I pay any money then I admit guilt for something I did not do. I do not want to give one shekel to the occupation.”

Mohammed continued, “Despite the military having cameras to film the demonstration, they do not have a single shred of evidence that I did anything illegal, because I didn’t. They want to get me because I am standing up against the occupation, that’s it.”

The repeated court appearances and harassment have taken their toll on Mohammad who, at the age of 36, had a heart attack only a week ago. Mohammad would appreciate the solidarity of anyone who would like to see his trial and witness the hypocrisy of the occupation.

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