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Balata Refugee Camp Reinvaded

Blata camp was reinvaded at 1:30 this morning.

19 Year old Ibrahim Saadi was shot dead while throwing a stone at the Israeli armored jeeps

20 year old Naim Abu Sarif was shot dead by a sniper while standing on the roof of his house.

Five of the refugee camps residents were wounded including a 36 year old taxi Driver Farach Kawa who sustained multiple fragments of a live bullet to his head and shoulder.

The house of Muhammed Abu Hamis Abu Amar caught fire at around 11:45 this morning. The occupation forces prevented fire trucks from accessing the area. Emergency teams accompanied by international volunteers treated children in some of the adjacent houses who were effect by smoke inhalation. The military denied the emergency teams access to other houses. Neighbors attempted to put out the fire carrying buckets of water.

At 12:30 the military set off a series of explosions inside a house. The neighbors were not evacuated or warned in advance.