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A call from Hebron

A Call from Hebron to the Israeli government to respect Israeli commitments toward Palestinians in Hebron
BY Issa
ISM coordinator in Hebron

Since Hammas won in the Palestinian elections the entire world is putting conditions for dealing with the Hammas government. Here in Hebron we want to know why no one puts conditions on dealing with the Israeli Likud government?

I am sending this letter to the world to ask you to put pressure on Israel to respect their commitment towards the Palestinians in Hebron and open the wholesale market and open Al-Shuhada street which connects the two part of the city (H1& H2), and let Palestinians to use the area to get to their houses, schools, hospitals, shops and to let the customers to shop freely in that area.

The people in Hebron are just looking to:

1. Live in dignity and peace in old city and Tel Rumeida.
2. Open AL-SHUHADA street.
3. Open all the shops in the old city and Tel Rumeida.
4. Remove all the check points (obstruction points) from old city and Tel Rumeida.
5. Remove the three electronic detectors from the entrance of Al Haram Al Ibrahimi.
6. Remove the electronic check point from Tel Rumeida area.
7. Open Tel Rumeida main street .
8. Let the students to study freely in the old city schools .
9. Let the girls in Qurtoba School to enter their school from the
main entrance and to let them feel that they are safe in their school.
10. Open the main entrance of Soniah mosque near the old vegetable market.
11. Remove all the ironic gates from the entrances of the old city.
12. Stop the settlers from the daily attacking and harassing the Palestinians in the old city and Tel Rumeida.

I am asking all the activists in the world to come to Hebron and see the real picture on the ground and to put pressure on the Israeli army and police to stop the settlers’ violence.

(see”Protocol Concerning the Redeployment in Hebron January 17th, 1997″)