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Statement by the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces on the CPT Hostages in Iraq

The National and Islamic Forces are alarmed and much disturbed to learn about the kidnapping of four members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Iraq. Most disturbing are allegations of espionage against those people who in fact are acting against the American and British occupation of Iraq and in favour of Iraqi prisoners.

We have a firm and long-standing knowledge of the positions and attitudes that CPT has always taken against violence and occupation, and of their active support of the rights of the Palestinian people who suffer under occupation, injustice and the aggression of the Jewish settlers.

We have witnessed their courage and their daily challenging of Israeli bulldozers that destroy Palestinian homes, as well as of Jewish settlers who terrorize innocent Palestinian children. Members of CPT have physically – with their own bodies – stood against the Israeli destruction and war-machine. They have frequently been exposed to foul language, humiliation, beatings, detention and expulsion. Many of them have been denied entry into the country because of their stand in support of our just cause.

Based on our profound knowledge of their principles and attitudes, we bear witness that CPT members translate their faith in God into action in support of oppressed and persecuted people. This they undertake with utmost dedication and sacrifice as well as maintaining a frugal and simple way of life. Right from the beginning, members of CPT have stood against the policies of their own governments towards Palestine and the invasion of Iraq.

Based on the above-mentioned, we call upon all the people of Iraq, on all people of faith and honor, on all people of conscience to act for the release of those activists who struggle on our behalf against occupation and injustice. We raise our voice alongside all National and Islamic factions in the district of Hebron who issued a statement on this most serious matter, on November 29th, 2005, which reflects the feelings of all Palestinians from all factions and persuasions.

Freedom to those who struggle and victory to the righteous

The National and Islamic Forces
December 2, 2005