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Human Rights Observers Face Deportation


The four human rights observers who were arrested yesterday, are today appearing before and Israeli judge in the “Peace Court”, Jerusalem. The Ministry of the Interior is seeking an extension to their detention, and are starting the process that will lead to their deportation. On the evening of Tuesday November the 8th at 21:15, the Israeli occupation forces stopped one of the human rights observers while he was trying to enter the international apartment in Tel Rumeida, in the old city of Hebron.

At that time he contacted his fellow observers who were inside the apartment. Four other observers went outside to assist him and were arrested at 21:30. They were all taken to the police station in Hebron where they were accused of obstructing the Israeli occupation forces from implementing their orders.


Please call the following numbers and politely ask why the state of Israel is afraid of international observers recording and documenting their military and police operations in Hebron, as well as abuses by Israeli settlers:

Israeli Ministry of the Interior: +972 (0) 2 670 1400
Kyriat Arba Settlement Police Station: +972 (0) 2 996 9400

Their “crime” was to question the right of Israeli soldiers in Hebron to indefinitely confiscate their passports. The incident follows weeks of harassment of ISM and other international Human Rights Observers in Hebron, including an illegal attempt at eviction from the international apartment there by the Israeli military.

See the Hebron region category of the ISM website for more background:

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For more information:

Gabi Laski (lawyer):+972 544418988
ISM Media office: +972 2 2971824