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Articles by/about Ayed Morrar & Jonathan Pollak

It Must Come Tumbling DownAyed Morrar, The Globe & Mail
“From the West Bank’s olive groves to the hearing that continues in a Hague courtroom, Palestinians are struggling against the wall Israel is erecting. In my West Bank village of Budrus, we need the support of people from around the world who care about human rights.”

The disengagement as smoke screenJonathan Pollak, Ha’aretz
“Exactly one year ago the International Court of Justice in the Hague ruled that the fence that Israel is building in the territories is illegal. However, one hardly needs to mention that the construction has been affected only cosmetically. During the past two years we – Israelis, Palestinians and international activists – have been conducting a joint, popular and nonviolent struggle against what appears to us as one of the most significant moves, with destructive implications in the long term, in the history of the occupation in the territories.”

The Peaceful Fall of Israel’s WallAyed Morrar, The Electronic Intifada
“Palestinians asked the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to review the legality of the Apartheid Wall being built by Israel on our land since 2002. We hope that a just decision will help to save our land, our existence, and our dream of a viable and independent state with borders open to our neighbors. ”

An Interview with Israeli Activist Jonathan PollakThe Electronic Intifada
“We gather in the center of the village and we go down to the land, some hundreds of people. Most of them are Palestinians, some are Israelis and international activists. And we go down to the land with the aim of blocking the bulldozers that are destroying the people’s land and separating them from their other land, their main source of income after four years of closure.”

Unbound Spirit: Ayed Morar and Martin Luther KingAdam Shapiro, The Electronic Intifada
“In December 2003, Abu Ahmed and others in the village started to organize and called on the International Solidarity Movement — a grassroots Palestinian and international movement promoting nonviolent direct action methods of resistance (in the spirit of Dr. King) — to join them in protesting the wall.”

Articles about the nonviolent struggle in Budrus

Letter From BudrusMark Sorkin, The Nation
“The van drops us off at the top of a hill and rattles around the bend. It is the middle of the afternoon in Budrus, a tiny village in the occupied West Bank ten miles northwest of Ramallah, and the neighborhood seems deceptively quiet.”

On The West Bank, A Hint Of Resistance Without BloodJames Bennett, The New York Times
“The barrier Israel is building against West Bank Palestinians has had a striking, if unintended, effect: It has stirred a sustained, bloodless protest movement among Palestinians for the first time in more than three years of conflict.”

The Peaceful Way Works BestGideon Levy, Ha’aretz
“There’s a remote little village in the West Bank that decided to behave differently. A village whose residents decided not to lament and not to blow themselves up. They chose another way between violence and surrender. The residents of the village of Budrus, west of Ramallah and close to the Green Line, chose to wage a nonviolent struggle against the separation fence that is being built on its land.”

The Village Against the FenceAmira Hass, Ha’aretz
“The “riots” the two were talking about are a series of demonstrations against the fence that have been held by the residents of Budrus for about a month. “We decided that unlike other places until now, where international peace activists conducted the battle against the fence and the Palestinians supported them, we, the residents of Budrus, would wage our own battle.””

Peacefully Confronting the Wall in BudrusIltezam Morrar, The Electronic Intifada
” The Wall will affect my family as it affects many Palestinians. I live in Budrus, a village of 1,200 people, west of Ramallah. The Wall will completely surround Budrus and eight other villages, separating us from the rest of the West Bank, with just one gate connecting us to Ramallah. ”

More about the nonviolent struggle in Palestine

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