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IWPS: “I am getting tired of occupation now.”

Marisol’s Blog
Originally published by the International Women’s Peace Service

On the second day of the bombing in Gaza, Mahmoud Al Zahar, a leader from Hamas, made a call to end rocket attacks on israelis. Even so, israel has continued to assault Gaza, from the air and from the ground. Today marks the second day that thousands of people are without electricity. The school that was bombed by an american f-16 was targeted because it was founded by Sheik Ahmed Yassin, a Hamas leader. ( what do the kids have to do with that?)

The Palestinian authority is joining israel in blaming Hamas for the explosion in Jebalya Refugee camp almost a week ago. Witnesses have said it was clearly the work of israeli military forces. A twelve year old boy has passed away from the injuries he suffered that day.

The massive raids and arrests continue, now totalling over 400 people, last night, adding 12 more to the prisons- from Bethlehem, Jenin, and Nablus. 2 men were shot in Burqin as they tried to resist the military invasion of their village with arms.

Yesterday, the IOF focused on ” Islamic Charities and Schools” in the West Bank Area. In one of the schools near Hebron, the english teacher says the occupation forces took all 25 of their computers.

The soldiers did come to our area, we met with family members of two of the young men taken. Like many who are being taken, they are not political party candidates or even old enough to vote, so part of this mass arrest is business as usual for israel, under the cover of “seeking out militant party leaders”.

The events in Gaza, combined with the raids and arrests in various places in Palestine, come just before elections- smaller scale elections, then larger scale ones are coming afterwards. It seems as though neither P.A. or Israel wants to see success any political party who supports military-type defense in response to military attacks (although of course the means that anyone has in Palestine do not compare with the 4th largest military in the world). Judging by what I think I see, some of these parties that are currently being targeted were actually getting a fair amount of support from people. (Maybe they are tired of getting attacked and abused while their leaders shake hands with their oppressors?) I don’t know, and it’s not really my place to comment……….

Two days ago I had the opportunity to participate in a very inspiring march against the aparthied wall, with a contingent of women and girls (young girls, like 6,7,8, with their little fists up in the air;). After we got to the point of facing the soldiers directly, some of the women defiantly told them, taile, (come here!) and motioned to them to come on over towards us. Throughout, women and young women were chanting on the bullhorn, like the woman I told you about who got her wrist broken by the soldiers a few months ago.

I am getting tired of occupation now, so I cannot even imagine more then 50 years of it. It’s nauseating and infuriating. Thanks for protesting on Sept. 24. Seriously.

Peace to you all.