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Threats and worry in al-Asa’asa on the eve of Israeli disengagement

by Lee

Al-Asa’asa is a village of 500 situated right next to the settlement of SaNur. Radical anti disengagement settlers from all over the West Bank, many from Hebron, have camped out at SaNur, surrounding the small military settlement with tents.

Worry and anxiety about what these 280 settlers are planning to do is growing in al Asa’asa as disengagement approaches. The settlers are committed to not leaving the land, even though the settlement of SaNur is scheduled to be removed as part of Israel’s disengagement plan. Settlers are threatening to occupy houses in al-Asa’asa. If the housing takeover fails, the campers will still get monetary compensation for the disengagement.

Yesterday, a kidnap attempt by settlers was foiled. A boy was working in the fields when the ever-watching eye of the villagers saw settler vehicles approaching. The boy managed to escape and the settlers gave up. Also yesterday, a settler had to be removed from a neighboring village by border police. Today, campers have put out a call on media outlets for other settlers to join them and help resist the disengagement.

A few days ago, a funeral was interrupted by the villagers; the man who died had to buried in another village, since the DCO said it was too dangerous to have a funeral.

All roads to the village will be closed at midnight tonight.