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SOS – Stop the Wall!


RAMALLAH, Occupied West Bank — Black smoke will be seen rising at 10 a.m. on Thursday July 28 along the path of the Apartheid Wall in the central West Bank region from Marda to Qalandia as an SOS to the world to take action to stop Israel’s annexation of land, and imprisonment of the Palestinian people.

In an era that witnessed the forces of freedom and world peace bring an end to the ideology and policies of racial segregation in South Africa and the United States, where the international community is focused on the defense of human rights, the Israeli Occupying Power continues building a of racial segregation which threatens the development of civilized humanity and violates international human rights law.

The International Court of Justice on July 9, 2004 issued an advisory opinion on the legality of the wall Israel is building in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, declaring it illegal, stating it “must come down. “To date, Israel continues to confiscate Palestinian land, demolish trees and erect a wall that locks Palestinians into ghettos, cutting them off from their source of livelihood and from each other.

Behind the smokescreen of the Gaza disengagement, the very foundations of peace are destroyed as the Apartheid continues to be constructed to the deafening silence of the international community. On Thursday, July 28 the people of the Salfit, Ramallah and northwest Jerusalem villages who have been using nonviolent resistance to combat the Wall from Marda (Salfit) to Budrus (Ramallah), Biddu (NW Jerusalem) to Bil’in (Ramallah), will light rubber tires on fire along the path of the Wall sending up an SOS to the world — STOP THE WALL!

We will also be placing black ribbons on our cars to symbolize the oppression, sadness and death caused by this Apartheid Wall. We call on those who see and hear us around the world to use this black ribbon to spread the word about the destruction and new Apartheid created with this Black Wall and to join the efforts of the Palestinian people, along with Israeli peace activists and people from around the world who seek true peace in this region.

For more information please contact: 054-792-4952 or 0599-57-52-57.

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