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Invitation – Join us!

Below is the program of Tulkarem’s solidarity actions for all the intenationals and Israeli activists who are against the Occupation

Freedom summer to resist the Wall and Occupation Program in Tulkarem

Sunday July 3rd:

  • Arrival of solidarity group at 6pm in the municipality park.

Monday July 4th:

  • Protest in front of the Red Crescent in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners at 10am
  • 5-7 pm protest in Faroun village in solidarity with Palestinians whose homes are under threat of demolition.

Tuesday July 5th:

  • March towards the Israeli chemical factories based in West Tulkarem to protest against them. Gather near the municipality at 11am.
  • Evening event with the national committee of the Palestinian martyrs families.

Wednesday July 6th:

  • Demonstration in Bet Lid village against stealing Palestinian lands and settlement expansion at 11am.

Thursday July 7th:

  • Protest in Nazlat Essa village at the check point, against the wall and isolation of houses at 11am.
  • 5pm solidarity visit, meetings with local people of Saida village because of several army invasions of the village.

Friday July 8th:

  • Roadblock removal in Saffareen and Shufa villages after Friday prayer.
  • March in solidarity with Refugees rights and the right of return.

Saturday July 9th:

  • Protest at Jabara check point against checkpoints, Annexation Wall, tunnel construction, isolation of Jabara village, and reminding the world of the decision of the International Court of Justice one year ago.
  • Afternoon meeting in Tulkarem with the governor (having lunch and saying thanks)

Signed by:
The governor and mayor of Tulkarem,
National and Islamic Committee,
International Solidarity Movement,
National Committee against the Wall

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