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Human Rights Abuses & Looting in Nablus

David Watson

Two ISM activists from the USA heard horrifying reports from residents regarding human rights abuses in Nablus as Israeli Occupying Forces continued their offensive on the old city.

The house of Mr. Ayman Badia Abdul Hadi received a visit from the military at 4.00 am Monday morning. He and his family were reportedly made to stand in the street without any food, water or access to a toilet for the next sixteen hours. No exception was made for any of the family’s children, the youngest of whom has a baby which was held by Mr. Abdul Hadi and his wife throughout the ordeal. The soldiers gave no reason for the family’s harassment merely asking, “Where are the terrorists?”

When the family was unable to give a response the soldiers proceeded to ransack the family house.

The two ISM activists had come to pay a visit to the family in the morning but had been sent away by the military presence.

In a separate incident a deaf man’s house in Qarayoun Square was visited by Israeli soldiers on Monday morning. Mr Auni Mansour has six children, three of whom are also deaf. After making a search of the house the soldiers focused their attention on a locked cabinet holding family valuables. They blew the lock off the door and stole the money and gold possessions lying inside.

However they wanted to leave the family with a reminder of their visit. In a final act of petty spite they found four hearing aids belonging to Mr. Mansour and his three deaf children and laughed while they stamped them into pieces.