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Widerstand bedeutet, in Hebron zu bleiben

UN-Solidaritätstag mit dem palästinensischen Volk: Internationale Präsenz in den besetzten Gebieten Interview by Wladek Flakin Ursprünglich innen veröffentlicht Junge Welt Die Israelin Neta Golan ist Mitbegründerin der International Solidarity Movement (ISM) und lebt in Ramallah im Westjordanland. F: Am Dienstag ...

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Resistance means to stay in Hebron

Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People: International Presence in the occupied Territories Interview by Wladek Flakin Originally published in Junge Welt An Interview with Neta Golan – Neta Golan is Israeli and a founding member of the International Solidarity Movement ...

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ISM USA Speaking Tour

From October 14 – November 15, 2005, Palestinian Ayed Morrar and Israeli Jonathan Pollak will be touring the United States speaking about Nonviolent Resistance in Palestine. The tour will visit New York, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, the ...

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The Land Grab Continues in West Bank

Mohamed, 13, runs with the Palestinian flag on a beach near the former Israeli settlement of Neve Dekalim, 12 September 2005. Mohamed said this was the first time he had been to the beach since he was born. Thousands of ...

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Israeli War Criminals Find Tough Crowd Abroad

Israeli war criminals are finding more challenges as they attempt to travel abroad. The International Solidarity Movement encourages all those concerned about human rights to continue pressuring the United Nations against inviting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to to address ...

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