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When Settlers Attack

When Settlers Attack 1. Action in al Khas and al-Numan villages dazes Israeli forces 2. Settlers attack Palestinians with stones, assault four human rights workers 3. Israeli settlers attack Palestinian farmers and Israeli policemen 4. The roadblock went tumbling down ...

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Crucified in Bethlehem, Strangulation in Gaza

Crucified in Bethlehem, Strangulation in Gaza 1. Israeli Colonists Attack Palestinian Man with Downs Syndrome, Assault International Human Rights Worker 2. Crucified at the Crossroads: Good Friday, Bad Soldiers 3. Economic Embargo in Palestine leads to death of 19 year ...

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Defying Israeli Apartheid Through Non-Violent Resistance

1.Defying Israeli Apartheid Through Non-Violent Resistance 2. Palestinians Arrested After Israeli Settlers Attack Them 3. Women’s Action Brings Hope in Hebron 4. Teachers Detained, Human Rights Workers Attacked in Tel Rumeida 5. Illegal Israeli settlers evacuated from Homesh 6. Re-Ignited ...

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ISM Digest: March 23

1. Soldiers Beat Palestinians and Human Rights Workers in Tel Rumeida 2. House Demolition in Halhul and House Invasion in Hebron 3. Umm Salamuna Anti-Apartheid Wall Demo on Mother’s Day & the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination ...

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South Bethlehem farmers resist Apartheid Wall

1. IOF attack South Bethlehem farmers, 3 arrested 2. Six activists arrested for blocking work on Wall 3. South Bethlehem villagers appeal for solidarity in resistance to Wall 4. Rampaging settlers given immunity by Hebron Police on Sabbath 5. Anniversary ...

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