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The blockade remains

Photo by Charlie Andreasson

8th September | Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine More than a week has passed since the ceasefire started and yet no significant easing of the blockade has been seen. Drones are still circulating over the rooftops, maybe carrying deadly ...

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The broken truce

21 January 2013 | GazaStories, Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine A ceasefire was announced on 21st November, ending eight days of horrific bloodshed in Gaza. Has the delicate truce held over the past two months? It depends who you ...

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Bulldozing the ceasefire


15 — 17 January 2013 | Khuza’a, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine At about 8.30pm on Tuesday 15th January, Israeli tanks and military bulldozers breached the border adjacent to the village of Khuza’a, east of Khan Younis and intruded inside the Gaza ...

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Israel’s definition of a ceasefire

14 January 2013 | Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine Just three days after the fatal shooting of Anwar Al-Malouk near Jabalia, the Israeli military has murdered another Palestinian civilian despite a supposed ceasefire being in place. Mustafa Abu Jarad, ...

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To the sound of F16s

Sharon Lock | Tales to Tell I’m told the bursts of noise that are currently shaking the net cafe a little are probably F16 sonic booms and not rockets, so that’s nice! Last night’s attacks involved seven rockets on the ...

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Life in the border zones

“If you stay here for five minutes, you will hear gunfire”, explain locals in Wadi Salqa. “They shoot at anything moving in the village”. Palestinian radio stations have reported that people living in Wadi Salqa are scared to death. Arriving ...

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Where is the ceasefire?

27 January 2009 A young farm-worker, Arwan al Ibrim was murdered by Israeli military forces at approximately 9:45 am on Tuesday 27th January, in the village of Al Farahin, east of Khan Younis. 27 year old Arwan was working picking ...

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At Al Wafa – Saja and Ceasefiring

Sharon Lock | Tales to Tell Yesterday E and I went back to see Amer at his Zaytoun house. He told us his brother Abdullah is back home from the Egyptian hospital, and showed us his hospital records; his wounds ...

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