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Bil’in leading demonstrator imprisoned by Israeli forces

For Immediate Release: Tuesday July 21, Ofer military base, Occupied West Bank: In a new escalation in the military’s campaign targeting the popular protests in Bil’in against the Annexation barrier, a military appeals judge ruled that non-violent Bil’in activist Adeeb ...

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Activists respond to cellular phone campaign

Anat Shalev | YNet News 21 July 2009 Palestinians protestors and left-wing activists came up with an original response to a television ad for a local cellular phone company that angered and offended many in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. ...

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Israeli forces raid Bil’in village

17 July 2009 On July 17 at 2am, jeeps full of soldiers invaded the village of Bil’in. After arresting Muhammed abde al Fatah Burnat (age 21), the soldiers tried removing him by foot to the military outpost. International and Palestinian ...

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Bil’in under fire: peaceful resistance meets assailment

Jennifer Urgilez | MIFTAH 15 July 2009 The systematic arrest of Bil’in activists begins with the covert intrusion of Israeli soldiers into Bil’in at the stroke of midnight. From the west, soldiers cross the Separation Wall in military vehicles concealed ...

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Battle of Bil’in

Stefan Christof | Hour 16 July 2009 Palestinian activists from Bil’in village say the Israeli military has raided their village almost daily this week. They claim the early morning raids are linked to a recent lawsuit filed by the village ...

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Physicians for Human Rights Israel, mobile clinic in Bil’in

Bil’in Popular Committee 11 July 2009 Today, July 11th, Physicians For Human Rights Israel came to visit the Palestinian village of Bil’in. Volunteer doctors, nurses, paramedics, optometrists, pharmacists, psychologists and translators came to Bil’in with the mobile clinic to offer ...

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