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Report from Nablus

by phone from Paul in Nablus I spoke with Paul last night (about 9am in Nablus). He, Nat, Leah, Alberto, Jonathon and 2 other ISM volunteers (one from Ireland and the other from Vancouver) are currently in a home in ...

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Haaretz: Adam’s rift

By Sara Leibovich-Dar Originally published by Haaretz It was the longest day of his life. By taking over Ramallah, the Israeli army also took over the fate of Adam Shapiro, 30, from Brooklyn. Shapiro, who is Jewish, spent a full ...

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Witness to Destruction

By Adam Shapiro The first thing you notice at the entrance to the Balata Refugee Camp is the overturned, burned out car stuck in a huge man-made crater in the ground. But this was the battleground of the previous three ...

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