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Suffer the Little Children

by Nils and Lo August, 2005 HEBRON — Since the Oslo agreement, the city of Hebron has been divided into areas ruled by the Palestinian Authority and areas ruled by Israel. Today, there are about 500 Israeli Jews living inside ...

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Never Underestimate the Power of Women

by Greta B. More than 450 international women arrived in Be’lin on Monday, August 16 to participate in an action against the Apartheid wall being built on the land of the village. Many of us came from the International Women ...

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West Bank village constant target for home demolitions

Mirja, Lo, and Nils. Israel’s Next Step: Destroying Financial and Economic Structures Report from Idna just outside Hebron Idna is a village with 21,000 citiziens. Since 1948, Israel has stolen more than half of Idna’s land for illegal settlements. The ...

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Mirror, mirror on The Wall

Reflecting the True Face of The Occupation By Sarita Two days after the disengagement deadline for the four settlements in Jenin District, the villagers of Bil’in and their supporters challenged the ongoing Isreali occupation and illegal settlement expansion in the ...

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