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Border Police Lash Out

The huge Palestinian flag that has been used by the village on demonstrations by an ISM Media office volunteer Today’s non-violent demonstration against the Wall in Bil’in was attacked by the Israeli soldiers, as usual. The demonstrators reached the gate ...

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Timline of a Nablus Invasion

By Lee At approximately 11:00am the Army arrives at Tel street in Mafea Area of Nablus. Military Operation to search the 5 story Aljhe building, likely used by students at nearby al-Naija university, and possibly to arrest some occupants. Four ...

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Update on Nablus Incursions

Today, April 22nd, the army invaded Nablus again, which they have done almost everyday since last Monday, evacuating soldiers in houses that they have occupied. Today 5 people were hit with rubber bullets, one of them below the eye. One ...

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Bil’in Demonstration Calls For Boycott of Israeli Products

by an ISM Media office volunteer Today’s weekly Bil’in demonstration was themed around the boycott of Israeli products. Demonstrators carried signs calling for a boycott, and the support of Palestinian products. Packages of Israeli snacks and drinks were also attached ...

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New House Occupations in Nablus

Pictures from yesterday’s house occupations Today, the Israeli army has occupied three more buildings in Nablus that we are aware of. One of them is a brand new shopping mall which has not yet opened. The local youth are outside ...

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