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Hebron Anticipates Escalating Violence over Passover

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fears that settler violence against Palestinian residents will increase over the Jewish holidays came to a head as Israeli settlers took over a Palestinian house on Thursday. The army has refused to remove them until the squatting ...

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Eleven Children Held Captive by Israeli Army (Digest)

1. Eleven Children Held Captive by Israeli Army 2. Balata invasion journal Part 1 3. Bil’in Demonstration Remembers Twelfth Death Caused by Wall 4. Separation wall ‘drowns’ Palestinian 5. Everyday resistance 6. The hope for a peaceful solution? 7. Palestinian ...

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Eleven Children Held Captive by Israeli Army

Nablus, Palestine Eleven children have been held captive by the Israeli army since 5am yesterday morning. They are being held in an apartment on the 8th floor of a building the army has turned into a sniper nest. A young ...

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Three Palestinian non-violent actions this Friday

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Villagers of Bil’in will hold a demonstration against the wall which annexes village land into the Modi’in Elite settlement. In Beit Sira villagers will hold a demonstration against the annexation barrier that will mean the loss of ...

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Digest: Normal Oppression

1. Thousands of olive trees are being planted on land day demonstrations March 30th 2. Human Rights Worker Attacked near Hebron Settlement March 27th 3. Border Police enter home And beat Palestinians and 75 year old Australian volunteer March 26th ...

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Normal Oppression

By Jane Tel Rumeida- Today, 28th March 2006, at the Tel Rumeida check point, an Israeli soldier lashed out injuring a Palestinian man by kicking him and hitting him with his rifle. Everyone is saying that it is tense here ...

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