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Aljazeera: “Israel’s Hebron settlers criticised”

Aljazeera, January 20th The head of Israel’s central Holocaust memorial has criticised Jewish settlers who harass Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron. Yosef Lapid, the chairman of Yad Vashem, Israel’s largest Holocaust memorial said on Saturday that the ...

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Haaretz: “Impossible Travel”

by Amira Hass, January 20th All the promises to relax restrictions in the West Bank have obscured the true picture. A few roadblocks have been removed, but the following prohibitions have remained in place. (This information was gathered by Haaretz, ...

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Press coverage of Hebron settler violence

YNet: Police official: Hebron incident reflects reality (VIDEO) Senior official in West Bank Police responds to video clip revealed in Ynet showing settler cursing Palestinian family. Settler summoned for police investigation, but doesn’t show. B’Tselem, of all groups, asks not ...

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YNet: On tape: Palestinians harassed in Hebron ‘cage’

by Ali Waked, January 1oth (VIDEO) Tape obtained by B’Tselem shows heated argument between Palestinian family in Hebron and woman Jewish settler; quarrel just one example of suffering we endure on daily basis, head of Palestinian family tells Ynet. Settlers’ ...

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Haaretz: “A six-year mistake”

by Akiva Eldar, December 6th The story of Shuhada Street is in essence a microcosm of the story of the “easing of restrictions” in the West Bank. It illustrates the gap between the smiling promises the prime minister makes to ...

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American Hummus – CNNI: Extensive report on injured Israeli teen, no mention of Palestinian deaths CNN International, Israel to resume “pinpoint” targeting of militants in Gaza. With dramatic footage of Israeli teenagers injured by a Palestinian rocket, Mathew Chance reports ...

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