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Israeli forces arrest three solidarity activists in Safa

For Immediate Release 13 June 2009: Israeli forces have arrested 1 Israeli and 2 international solidarity activists in the West Bank village of Safa. Around 7am, Palestinian farmers, accompanied by 15 international and 10 Israeli solidarity activists, attempted to access ...

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Funeral for Yousef ‘Akil’ Srour held in Ni’lin

6 June 2009 The funeral for Yousef Tzadik ‘Akil’ Srour was held in Ni’lin on Saturday, 6 June 2009. Srour was murdered by Israeli forces on Friday, 5 June 2009, during a demonstration against the construction of the Apartheid Wall ...

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IAF planes drop intimidating pamphlets over Gaza

ISM Gaza | Farming Under Fire 25 May 2009 Translation of leaflet (both leaflets have the same message with different maps): To the people of the strip: The Israeli Defense Forces repeat their alert forbidding the coming close to the ...

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