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Notorious violent criminal settler Anat Cohen assaults and terrorizes internationals again

27th October 2015 | International Solidarity Movement, al-Khalil team | Hebron, occupied Palestine

During the last two days international human rights activists have repeatedly been attacked verbally and physically by infamous illegal settler Anat Cohen.

At 7:15 this morning, Anat Cohen emerged from Beit Hadassah illegal settlement in Tel Rumeida onto Qurtuba checkpoint, where two internationals were documenting the treatment of children and teachers as they passed through on their way to school, when she started screaming in Hebrew. When both internationals listened to her for a moment, then turned up the stairs where they were headed, she charged and punched one international in the back of the head. Six Israeli soldiers stood about five feet from them and did nothing to intervene at any time.

On deserted Shuhada street, a car rode up close to three internationals returning home from their monitoring of students safety at checkpoints near school clusters. After a short while a settler identified as Anat Cohen got out of the car and immediately started to harass the three human rights observers. Over the course of approximately six minutes, she physically assaulted all three, knocking one to the ground so that he was bleeding in multiple places, and attempting to destroy recording equipment, and striking them in the head.

Anat Cohen hitting international

Anat Cohen hitting international

Among other things in the constant stream of verbal assault and profanity, she said: “Go to Auschwitz. (…) Die in Hitler’s gas.” “Are there not enough European ladies in Europe? Do you have to come here to f*** Arab women? I know you are doing that!” After she noticed a male settler had arrived with his jeep, she became more physically aggressive while continuing to rant: ”What do you help the Palestinians with? Killing us?!”

Anat Cohen attacking internationals

Anat Cohen attacking internationals


All activists strictly complied with non-violence, backed off from her or shielded themselves with a raised hand against her attacks. Israeli forces arrived on the scene and asked her what the activists had done; she replied they wanted to help the Palestinians. The human rights workers were allowed to go while she kept on complaining to the soldiers.

Watch a video of the attack on internationals:

The day before the settler had followed two activists in her car to their apartment. While they were walking up the hill towards Tel Rumeida, she trailed them in her car and then blocked the way when they attempted to cross the road. She then complained to soldiers at a checkpoint about the internationals.

Anat Cohen

Anat Cohen

While Palestinians are killed by Israeli forces on a daily basis and four inhabitants of Hebron were shot to death in and around Hebron in the last two days only, also the hostility and violence towards internationals is soaring high.

Settlers have shot close-up photos of internationals serving different organisations and put up posters of them warning soldiers and settlers of them. The headline of the individual posters read : “This is not a tourist- it’s a hostile anarchist! Watch out: The individuals in these pictures are here to harm Israelis for anti-semitic reasons. Act accordingly!”