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Settler attacks ISM activists

An ISM activist and her sister were attacked today on Shuhada street, Hebron, by the infamous settler Anat Cohen. The incident is the last in a long line of violent acts committed by Cohen. It was believed to be motivated by the fact the ISM activist was wearing a headscarf, as Palestinian access to Shuhada Street has not been permitted since 1994.

Despite being allowed access by a soldier, the pair’s walk down the street was quickly interrupted by the aggressive advances of the settler. Cohen blocked their path and shouted about Auchwitz, dubbing the pair “Nazis”. She then kicked one of the women in the leg and attempted to slap the other. An EAPPI member was also the victim of some abuse as he came to the scene and filmed events (See attached video). The victims were especially horrified by the position of the police, who after ignoring the initial incident spoke and listened to Cohen, while completely ignoring the Internationals.

The ISM activist and her sister were then requested to go to the Police Station. After 90 minutes of investigation from uninterested police officers, they were told to “be sensitive during the Jewish holiday”, and released, with no re-assurance of future safety on Shuhada Street. Whether or not Cohen was questioned is not known.

Incidents such as this represent the huge amount of humanitarian disregard settlers such as Cohen can get away with. It is also a sad reflection of intimidation being status quo under Israel’s occupation. The ISM activist pointed out how the assault was indicative of “The systematic intimidation and oppression of the Palestinian people