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Call to action: A new protest village on Saturday, 9 February

Update on 9 Feb by ISM: At 6.30 am a protest tent was built nearby the road to the Karmel settlement near Yatta, South Hebron Hills. Two other tents were ready to be built when army destroyed the standing tent and confiscated the two other. Activists made a circle of stones as a symbol of the new village, two banners displayed “This is our land” and “Settlements are not welcome”. Finished at 8 am and activists moved to another place, south of Yatta to the newly built village of Canaan. Army used a lot of skunk water and violently arrested many people. Follow tweets on #Canaan; @ismpalestine.

8 February 2013 | South West Bank Committee Against Settlements and Apartheid Wall

Call for participation in a direct action

We the sons and daughters of Canaanites will establish Canaan Village (Canaan) on endangered Canaanite Palestinian land. We declare that it is our natural right to develop, reclaim, improve, use, and live on all our lands free and without threats from occupiers/colonizers. Beginning Saturday 9 February, we will have several days of direct work to help farmers in the South West Bank reclaim and improve their agricultural lands.

We call on people of conscience and media to join us as we work our lands and thus defend it against attempts by foreign colonizers to usurp it.

If interested to help, meet us at Bab Zqaq in Bethlehem at 7 am on Saturday when we will move to the location/s of the work. Alternatively meet us at the village of Khallet Al-Mayyah on Saturday at the same time.