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Voices of Resistance

For Media: We have English (as well as other languages) speaking people in Gaza wishing for their voices to be heard. To arrange for interviews please contact: palreports@gmail.com

Haidar Eid, professor (Tel Al Hawa, Gaza)

Quote november 18th “I was supposed to give an interview today at the Shuruk building one of the two buildings that house the media outlets in Gaza. Both were bombed. Apartheid Israel must not get away with its crimes against the innocent civilians of Gaza.  What more does the international community need to see to be convinced to act than the dozens of dead corpses and amputated bodies of children and women in Gaza? We no longer count on governments, especially Western, but rather on people of conscience and civil society to exert whatever pressure they can on the fascist government of Israel to stop its war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in broad day light! “

Omnia Abu Shahla, student (Gaza City Center)
‘’Please, help us. I’m really scared we will die soon. Yesterday was a bombing around us. Windows broken, everybody crying, the fire everywhere. I’m a human being. This is not human what is going on. We are just trying to live.’’

Khalil Shaheen, PCHR (Tel Al Hawa) 

‘’It is very important that we as PCHR and all Palestinian NGOs get together now. We have just finished our press conference in front of a journalist building which was attacked this morning. This was the strongest message to send, to assure our friends we use all possible tools. The international community should form a convention to stop Israeli aggression. This is already five days of escalating violence and Palestinians pay the price. We have more than 140 children injured. The international community should intervene. It is time for justice for all the victims, for all of us also and to demand accountability of Israel.’’

Rana Baker, student and blogger (Gaza City Center)

‘’The international media should cover more what is going on in Gaza. There are so many people that want to speak up, but my friends on Twitter tell me not much is written.’’

Rita Mari (Deir al-Balah, Gaza)
“We give birth to children so that they can live and build their country. But Israel robs them of their childhood, puts a siege on their country and destroys their future. In Gaza, the children are being killed for no reason by the terrorist Israeli occupation. Bombings and explosions everywhere.”