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National Building Museum cancels Caterpillar Inc. award ceremony!

7 September 2011 | Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

ACT NOW: Stop Rewarding Complicity in Human Rights Abuses Altogether!

Due to help and pressure from individuals and social justice groups across the country, the National Building Museum has informed us that it has canceled the public award ceremony to present Caterpillar Inc. with the 2011 Henry C. Turner Prize!

Thank you to all of you who contributed to this victory!  We are not stopping here!  We will continue this campaign to tell the museum to rescind the award.  Next week Craig and Cindy Corrie will hand deliver our petition to the National Building Museum urging them to rescind designation of the Henry C. Turner Prize until Caterpillar Inc. ends their complicity in human rights violations. We have already gathered over 5,300 signatures and 55 organizational endorsements, and we have one week left to build momentum!   

Help us turn this partial victory into a complete success by signing the petition, forwarding the call to action below to your contacts, encouraging your organization to endorse, and writing your personal letter to the Museum.   Thank you!