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Israeli army destroy home in Jordan Valley

26 March 2011 | International Solidarity Movement

Settlers erect tent 10 metres from family

Yesterday afternoon the Israeli army destroyed the home of the Nabel Daraghmeh family who have been living in the Ein Al Hilwe region of the Jordan Valley for over 15 years. Three days previously, a group of armed illegal settlers descended in the middle of the night on the area where the family had their tent, setting up their own tent only metres away. In the following days the settlers intimidated and threatened the family of six, ordering them to move their home and leave the area. According to Jordan Valley Solidarity, the settlers threw rocks towards the family’s cattle pen, urinated outside their tent and water-tank, and made as much noise as possible, preventing the family from sleeping. They also put up a fence around the family’s tent and cattle pen preventing them from being able to bring their cattle in at night. The Daraghmeh family legally rent the land from the Lutheran Church, however the Israeli army ordered the family to dimantle and remove their home from the land, eventually destroying it themselves by force.

Settlers erect fence around family's home

Ein Al Hilwe is located just below the illegal settlement of Maskiot which houses 28 familes. In the past years the villagers of Ein Al Hilwe have suffered from ongoing attacks from the settlers. Five days ago settlers tied a rope around the neck of a young horse belonging to villagers and attached the rope to the back of their truck, lynching the horse in front of a group of children. Two weeks previously a woman from the village was also attacked whist attempting to take water from the well