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Palestinian police arrest Beit Ommar resistance leaders in night time raids

National Committee of Beit Ommar

5th April 2010

UPDATE: Mousa Abu Maria was released at 2am Tuesday morning without charge. He was not ill-treated or harshly interrogated. The PA’s involvement in the raid stemmed from a unfounded suspicion that Mousa was a part of ring of car thieves. Mousa was released after it was discovered they had apprehended the wrong person.

In night time raids on the houses of the organisers of popular protests against the Israeli occupation and the theft of Palestinian land, Palestinian police officers came in the early hours of this morning to arrest a number of Beit Ommar residents in collaboration with the Israeli occupation forces. Mousa Abu Maria was arrested at 01.40 this morning from his house by 8 heavily armed Palestinian police. Police attempted to arrest another member of the National Committee tonight, Younes Arar, but he was not at home. His wife and young children were left distressed and crying at the raid. Reports have been received that there are up to 20 police vehicles involved in the operation tonight.

These arrests are aimed at the community leaders who organise against the occupation, land theft, violations of religious freedoms and are supported by their communities. Yesterday the PSP and the National Committee of Beit Ommar carried out a sit down demonstration against the settlement expansion in Beit Ommar on Route 60 for the third time in a month.