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Boycott H&M! European groups protest H&M’s plan to open seven stores in Israel

Boycot Divestment Sanctions: H&M Campaign
7 March 2010

H&M billboard in Hong Kong

H&M billboard in Hong Kong

On the 11th of March the Swedish clothes and fashion store H&M is opening its first out of seven planned stores in Israel.

The familiar red H&M sign will be visible in the Azriel Mall in Tel Aviv and, a few days later, in the Malcha shopping centre in Jerusalem, a city gradually cleansed of its Palestinian population to be replaced by Jewish-Israeli settlements.

H&M is thus investing in Israel at the same time as the UN Goldstone commission and international organizations that H&M is cooperating with, such as UNICEF and the UN, report about Israel’s crimes against international law and human rights.

About a year ago several Swedish organizations gave attention to H&M’s plans to establish in Israel and demanded an announcement from H&M. The management denounced the rumors but refused to give a written statement. Today the establishment has been made public. “We believe that our business idea will work well in Israel. Through our franchise partner we will have access to many years of experience and networks in Israel,” says Rolf Eriksen, CEO at H&M.

Dror Feiler, chairperson of European Jews for a Just Peace says that H&M’s choice of time for its establishment in Israel is particularly distasteful, coming at a time when Israel’s crimes are raised in the Goldstone report and are being condemned by other international organizations. “H&M contributes to a shift of focus from Israel’s war crimes to that of fashion, investments and commerce,” says Dror Feiler.

Today the following organizations demand that H&M postpone their establishment in Israel until Israel respects international law in line with the UN resolutions. While H&M opens its first store in Israel, H&M customers in Sweden and around Europe will be made aware of the company’s lack of good judgment and double standards.

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Various Swedish groups are organizing pickets outside H&M stores on Thursday at 16:00-18:00 (GMT +1), (more information available on the blog). Other groups are encouraged to organize actions in their countries. Please send reports to info@isoleraisrael.nu and bdshandm@hotmail.com, that would be even better.
Judar för Israelisk Palestinsk Fred (JIPF)
Palestinska Föreningen i Stockholm
Palestinska Föreningen i Malmö
Palestinagrupperna i Sverige (PGS)
Emmaus Björkå
Isolera Israel
ISM Sverige
Vänsterpartiet Malmö

Vlaams Palestina Komitee (VPK)
Centrum voor Ontwikkeling, Documentatie en Informatie over Palestina (CODIP)
Coordinatie Boycot Israël (COBI)*

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign
ISM London
Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Not In Our Name
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)

Boycott from Within

Alternative Information centre (AIC)
ISM Palestine

Jüdische Stimme
Frauen in Schwarz (Women in Black)

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Boykot Israel Danmark

and more organizations are joining us every day…
Contact: Jonatan Stanczak jonatan.stanczak@gmail.com